Knowledge and Reality


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Steven DeLay

Steven DeLay is a writer and philosopher living in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. An Old Member of Christ Church, Oxford, he is the author of a number of recent books: Elijah Newman Died Today (2022), Everything (2022), Faint Not (2022), In the Spirit (2021), Before God (2020), and Phenomenology in France (2019). He is also the editor of Life Above the Clouds: Philosophy in the Films of Terrence Malick (2023) and the editor of Finding Meaning: Philosophy in Crisis (2023) based on the series of online essays, “Finding Meaning,” at 3:16 AM. He teaches in post-Kantian philosophy, with a focus in the phenomenological and existential traditions.

Joshua Broggi

I am an academic and the founder of Woolf. Previously, at Oxford, I was a member of the Faculty of Philosophy, a member of Wolfson College, and a member of the governing Congregation of the University. I also held a Humboldt Fellowship at the Institut für Philosophie, HU Berlin, during which I worked on the definition and measure of human progress. I was especially interested in how modern universities were created to support progress.

David Mathers

I received a doctorate in philosophy from the University of Oxford in 2016 for a thesis in the philosophy of mind, specifically on the metaphysics of perceptual consciousness. My doctoral supervisor was Prof. John Hawthorne. Since receiving my DPhil I have been a teaching assistant at the University of Stirling and have had two academics papers accepted for publication. Copies of my papers and doctoral thesis can be found at

University of Oxford