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Jonathan Duquette

I am a scholar of South Asian religions whose work concentrates primarily on the history of late medieval and early modern Sanskrit intellectual traditions in India. After completing my Ph.D. in Religious Studies at the University of Montreal (2011), I was a postdoctoral researcher in Hamburg (2012-13), Leiden (2013-14), Kyoto (2014-15) and Oxford (2015-2019), where I researched - first as a Newton International Fellow and then as a Marie-Curie Fellow - on the history of Śivādvaita Vedānta, a poorly understood tradition of philosophical theology that rose to prominence in early modern South India. I am currently Research Fellow at Wolfson College, University of Oxford, and an Affiliated Lecturer in Sanskrit at the University of Cambridge. Trained initially as a physicist, I also nourish an interest for the dialogue between natural sciences and religions as well as for recent developments in philosophy of science and comparative philosophy. I have published articles in Religions of South Asia, Journal of Indological Studies, Numen, Philosophy East and West and the Journal of Indian Philosophy, of which I am currently the Assistant Editor.

University of Cambridge