Business Marketing and Operations

Required student qualification:

Lower Undergraduate

Requires extra purchases (Books, school supplies, etc.):



75 hours


Max Diamond

Chef, researcher, and writer.

Chris Patel

A resourceful and energetic technology executive with 20+ years experience in the business of IT - from a product, alliance, and practitioner perspective. Product Management leadership for platforms with a focus on developer productivity. Expertise in transformation of Infrastructure and Middleware organizations to IaaS and PaaS service portfolios and with migrating application teams to a cloud-native lifestyle. Comfortable leading discussions at the exec level with customers or technical discussions with product groups.

John Bailie

I'm a Senior Family Business Advisor with Compass Point Consulting, LLC. Compass Point is a business coaching and consulting firm specializing in family-owned companies. I love this work because family businesses are the heart and soul of, not only our economy, but our local communities as well. Plus, my colleagues (you should connect with them too) are amazingly smart, funny, and great human beings - just like our clients.

I'm also the owner and author of the blog and forthcoming book Leading Conflict: How to Fight at Work ( Like all arts, martial or otherwise, relational conflict has its own set of fundamental skills. You’re unlikely to learn them by accident. You didn't learn them in school. But they can be taught and practiced. Lace up your gloves and check it out.

I also frequently consult, coach, publish, and speak on the topics of leadership, human dignity, and organizational culture.

Beyond the professional stuff, I love rucking (the new hip lingo for walking around with heavy stuff in your backpack), nature walks with my sons, boxing & MMA (mostly watching, sometimes practicing), permaculture gardening, and watching my three sons play baseball.

I live in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, with my extremely patient and understanding wife, Erin, our four children and an ever-growing array of pets (rescue dogs & cats, birds, chickens, fish, and whatever else suckers us saps into adopting it).

Jody Jacobson

Dr. Jody Jacobson is the Co-Founder and CEO of the Human Skills Institute. With over 20 years of experience working with financial advisors, wellness providers, firm owners, executives, and leadership teams, she is expert.

Owen Raisch

An experienced servant leader focused on the intersections of learning, scaling ventures and technology. Background as a founder and leader in new product/ new market/ new venture and growth strategy. Advocate for experiential education, strategies for equitable economic development and economic mobility.

Adam Braus

Braus is an accomplished educator, engineer, entrepreneur, and author. He has over 10 years of experience coding in JavaScript, Ruby, Python, and Swift. He started his journey helping to build the tech community in Madison, WI before moving to San Francisco and becoming an instructor at General Assembly. Braus served as the chair of the Applied Computer Science department at Dominican University before founding Elton College. For fun he likes to make music on his piano or fiddle, make and eat food with friends, draw and make paintings, and go camping in the natural beauty of California.