Mónica Poza Diéguez

Authstone College

Dr. Poza Diéguez (Ph.D University of California) is a researcher temporary affiliated to UiT/The Arctic University of Norway. Her main field of research is Spanish language, literature and culture. As a generalist she researches on diverse topics that cover all literary periods from Spain as well as Latin America. Discourses and counter discourses of power in Spain and Latin America, Early Modern Spain, Colonial Mexico, Contemporary Peninsular narratives, visual cultures, border narratives in the Hispanic World are among her main interests of research. Furthermore, she also researches on digital pedagogy of Spanish language, literature and culture. Poza Diéguez has an international and extensive expertise on teaching. She has collaborated with/worked in different job positions in the following European higher education institutions: University of Deusto, USAC (Spain), University of Szeged (Hungary) UiT, HIØ AND UIO (Norway). She also developed part of her career and worked in the following American Universities and Colleges: University of Nevada, Reno, University of California, Davis, University of Syracuse, Hobart and William Smith Colleges.

University of California, Davis




Ph.D Spanish Language, Literature and Culture

University of California, Davis



M.A., Foreign Languages (Spanish)



Visiting Associate Professor (Førstelektor-vikar) of Spanish language, literature and culture

UiO-University of Oslo (Norway)


Forfatter/Author of Spanish textbook in digital platform

Gyldendal Norsk Forlag (først, Bidragsyter, språkvasker og fagkonsulent for en heldigitalt produkt for ungdomsskolen (8, 9, 10.trinn) som vil publiseres i Skolestudio.


Visiting Senior Lecturer (Førstelektor- timelærer) of Spanish Language Literature and Culture

UiO-University of Oslo (Norway)


Associate Professor

HiØ/Østfold University College (Norway)


Visiting Associate Professor (Førsteamanuensis-timelærer) of Spanish Language, Literature and Culture

HiØ-Østfold University College (Norway)