Shatera Weaver

Stretch what’s possible for your mind, body, and soul.

Mind: I’m passionate about engaging students, staff and families in meaningful learning experiences that inspire curiosity, innovation, and joy. I design thoughtful curricula rooted in social-emotional learning, social-justice advocacy, and community-building that engages and supports all learners. I’ve engineered learning experiences for 6th grade scientists, racial affinity groups, after school programs, self-contained classrooms, Expeditionary Learning students and staff, parents, and Breathe for Change partnered schools and districts across the nation, from preschoolers to professionals. And what's a quality curriculum without intentional facilitation? I love witnessing and watering throughout the learning process.

Body: I was born with a disease that impacts my red blood cells' ability to carry and transfer oxygen efficiently. Sickle Cell has meant that I’ve had a frayed relationship with my body and physical activities throughout childhood on into my adulthood. Yoga has allowed me to reunite my mind with my body. Eager to share the benefits of yogic practices, I earned RYT500 certification and began teaching classes at studios, in NYC parks, and offered online in a virtual setting. I’m honored to serve as a Lead Trainer at Breathe for Change, helping aspiring yoga teachers earn certification and bring mindful practices to their communities. In order to further serve my community, I trained in Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) to offer assisted stretching routines that help to increase range of motion, build strength, and improve the body's ability to perform.

Soul: Stretched by Shatera rises from the intersection of education and wellness. Likewise, the soul surfaces where the body and mind meet. Healing happens at the crossroads of the collective and the individual. It is there that we experience what I refer to as soul-cial emotional learning. Soul-cial emotional learning is a profound journey of self-discovery and growth that transcends the traditional boundaries of education and wellness. It's about building strong, authentic relationships with the self and the world around us, forging a sense of community and empathy that extends far beyond the classroom, boardroom, or the yoga mat.



2016 – 2019

Educational Leadership

Bank Street College of Education