Postgraduate Diploma in Mediterranean and European Studies

The Postgraduate Certificate in Mediterranean and European Studies provides an exceptional opportunity for students to engage with the cultural achievements and complex history of Western civilisation. You will work closely with your teacher to gain a clear view of the dynamics that have shaped the region’s political, religious, and artistic convictions.

The degree is taught under the supervision of a faculty member. Students must choose six courses in consultation with an instructor.

The course is taught in Oxbridge tutorial style: students compose short essays on the basis of their work, before meeting directly with a faculty member for an hour or more by video call. Each taught course is examined with a summative assignment.


Students will acquire an understanding of key aspects of the broad history of the region, and a deep knowledge of chosen topics. All students will begin to develop the skills to lead academic projects and to conduct independent research. Participants will also develop critical skills for analysing events in terms of interconnected cultural domains, including aspects of politics, religion, economy, literature, and material culture.

Academic Credit

  • This course is accredited. It is worth 60 ECTS
  • Students that complete all the assignments with passing marks will receive an Postgraduate Diploma (PGDip) in Mediterranean and European Studies

Further Details

  • This is a graduate-level degree, suitable for advanced students and those prepared to be challenged
  • The PGDip in Mediterranean and European Studies is a taught degree
  • Progress requires completing the reading assignments, submitting an essay, and meeting with the tutor
  • Final grades are awarded according to standard marking conventions (consult your Academic Handbook)
  • Full-time students take two courses concurrently

Degree Pathway

Students must take six of these courses, selected in consultation with a faculty member


The course cultivates research skills, evidence-based judgment, cross-cultural analysis, and effective oral and written communication. These skills are valuable for work in academia, the civil service, consulting, heritage management, journalism, law, library science, museums, publishing, schoolteaching, and tourism.

Minimum education requirement for students:

High School

Total degree requirements:

1500 hours

Degree area:

Mediterranean and European Studies


ECTS Accredited (EQF7)

Typical duration:

8 months




Fully Online

Foundational Courses

In consultation with a faculty member, students should select at least two foundation courses (500 course hours = 20 ECTS).

Course hours required:

500 hours

Elective Courses

In consultation with a faculty member, students should select four elective courses (1000 course hours = 40 ECTS).

Course hours required:

1000 hours