Master of Business Administration in Arts Innovation

12-month MBA offered to a global Cohort of dynamic arts professionals.

The Global Leaders Program equips arts entrepreneurs to succeed in today’s complex world through its practical problem-based frameworks, tools, experiences, and methodologies curated by a unique blend of world-class academic institutions, faculty, practitioners, mentors, and coaches. The MBA journey empowers participants to effectively navigate the evolving landscape of the cultural sector with its unique balance of foundational coursework, tailored substreams, immersive field assignments, applied learnings, case studies, reflective labs, and growth-oriented retreats to foster practical skills and actionable insights. 

The GLP’s MBA curriculum is tailored to the needs of arts professionals in multi-dimensional roles seeking social science-based, creative, entrepreneurial, and operational tools for enhanced impact and leadership. Cohort Members range from creative industry managers, entrepreneurs, and executives to concert presenters, producers, education leaders, teaching artists, and performers. The MBA’s practical problem-based methodology reflects the busy lives of arts professionals. Customizable substreams and individually tailored Field Assignments immersed within a diverse network of global partner organizations foster the realization of targeted professional goals.

Learning objectives for Cohort Members include cultivation of the following capacities

  • Apply methods for creative problem solving and idea generation to respond to complex situations through inventive thinking.
  • Leverage knowledge of social innovation, cultural agency, strategic allocation, and operational management to implement and lead a sustainable creative enterprise.
  • Develop and execute well-honed action plans for arts-based, market-oriented interventions & solutions to critical social, economic, and environmental challenges.
  • Apply business frameworks and models to create and deliver value for diverse stakeholders including underserved and underrepresented communities.
  • Internalize diverse perspectives gained from working closely with peers from around the world, constituting a lifelong career and personal support network.
  • Exhibit marketing fluency in tailoring and communicating persuasive concepts.
  • Demonstrate the capacity to lead work teams that collaborate in designing innovative solutions, testing ideas, executing processes, and measuring results.
  • Apply proven methodologies that promote a motivating and high-performance workplace culture centered on exchange, initiative, creativity, and accountability.
  • Lead reflectively and authentically by leveraging innate talents while constantly being open to addressing areas for personal growth and transformation.

Minimum education requirement for students:

Lower Undergraduate

Total degree requirements:

2250 hours

Degree area:

Arts Innovation


ECTS Accredited (EQF7)

Typical duration:

12 months




Fully Online

Tier 1: Foundational Coursework (FC)

Course hours required:

750 hours

Tier 2: Reflective Collaboration Labs

Course hours required:

750 hours

Tier 3: Field Leadership Immersion

Course hours required:

750 hours