Postgraduate Certificate in Doing Business Abroad

Knowing how to do business in foreign markets is a key competency and skill for every manager due to an increasing globalisation and interconnectedness of international firms. The jurisdictions covered in this degree include some of the most important foreign markets for international firms. Learners will get insight in how to do business in these markets using a structured market entry and development process based on current market data and a detailed analysis of the business culture.

The course is designed to expose students to a range of business and cultural topics. Students will develop abilities in critical and interdisciplinary thinking; they will be able to apply these abilities to their understanding and evaluation of the costs and benefits of successfully doing business in a foreign market; and they will be able to communicate effectively about the strategy, decision, and implementation of cross-border commerce.

Academic Credit

  • This course is accredited. It is worth 30 ECTS
  • Students that complete each three modules with passing marks will receive a Postgraduate Certificate (PGCert) in Doing Business Abroad

Minimum education requirement for students:

High School

Total degree requirements:

750 hours

Degree area:



ECTS Accredited (EQF7)

Typical duration:

4 months




Fully Online

Complete 3 courses

Students can complete any three courses to earn the PGCert in Doing Business Abroad. Students will earn an accredited Award for each course completed.

Course hours required:

750 hours