Woolf Public Seminars

Woolf’s Public Seminars are open to the public – simply register to join. During the seminars, speakers will present work-in-progress papers. Following the paper reading, the convener will conduct a Q&A session.

Woolf students are invited to ask questions first, followed by Woolf Faculty, then public attendees.

If you are interested in becoming a speaker, contact the convener for the seminar you think is most appropriate.

Post-Kantian Philosophy

Woolf Public Seminar Series. Seminar meets monthly on Wednesdays at 8:00 PST / 11:00 EST / 17:00 CET. The series is convened by Steven DeLay.

Løgstrup's Radical Demand: between Kierkegaard and Life in the Crowd

24 Aug 2022

Robert Stern

Why are Existentialists so Miserable? Prospects for Finding Joy in a World Marked by Despair

28 Sep 2022

J. Aaron Simmons

Rebels Dwell in a Dry Land: Living in Exile with Camus

26 Oct 2022

Matthew Clemente

Heidegger’s Eternal Rereading of the Same Nietzsche: The Eternal Return as Polysemic Hermeneutics

01 Dec 2022

Lee Braver

Armchair Knowledge: Some Kantian Reflections

09 Jan 2023

A. W. Moore

Kant's Cinnabar: A Paradigm of the Extra-phenomenal

25 Jan 2023

Emmanuel Falque

Eurocentrism and Anti-Eurocentrism in Europe

22 Feb 2023

Simon Glendinning

Art and Sacrifice: Human Self-Transcendence towards Freedom and Truth

29 Mar 2023

Katerina Koci

Retracing Two Centuries of Philosophy through an Affect: Problems and the Case of Schopenhauer

26 Apr 2023

Bettina Bergo

Beyond Stoicism: A Heideggerian Model for Mindfulness

31 May 2023

Christos Hadjioannou

the Problem of Evil
and the Tragic
Sense of Life

28 Jun 2023

Anthony Rudd

Michel Henry and Ancient Christian Gnosimachy

26 Jul 2023

Steven Nemes

The Temptation of Despair

29 Aug 2023

Simon Podmore

In the Footsteps of Henri de Lubac and Gregory of Nyssa: Jean-Yves Lacoste on Human Becoming, Historical and Eternal

27 Sep 2023

Stephen E. Lewis

Sustainable Development

Hesse College Seminar Series. Seminar meets monthly on the last Thursday at 4:00 PST / 6:00 EST / 12:00 CET. The series is convened by Stephen Milford.

The role of conditionality in the relationship between the EU and the “Visegrád Four” countries

26 Jan 2023

Rafal Fabianowicz

Robotic Persons: When Should We Give AI Human Rights?

30 Mar 2023

Stephen Milford

Sustainable Development and the Pharmaceutical Industry - How to Tackle the Antibiotics Crisis

27 Apr 2023

Christopher Brenig

How Do Religious Organizations Engage in Sustainability Transitions and What Are the Perceived Barriers to This?

29 Jun 2023

Adam Xavier Gabriel Hearn

Digital Learning at Scale

Hesse College Seminar Series. Seminar meets monthly to be defined. The series is convened by Jason Jones.

Digital Learning at Scale is a Hesse College public seminar series that presents contemporary research on the theories, methods, and technologies underpinning digital learning. Global in scope, and evidence-based in practice, DLS envisions a wide variety of possible topics and approaches, including but not limited to:

  • Machine learning / AI in nontechnical classrooms (writing assistants, etc.);
  • Technical papers on machine learning in educational contexts;
  • Virtual reality in online courses;
  • Best practices in online teaching and learning;
  • Edtech in various disciplines (especially interested in undergraduate/graduate courses in business, computer science, and data science);
  • Data-based analyses of online courses.

Hesse College public seminars take place on Zoom, and are open to the public. The usual format is a presentation of 30ish minutes, followed by discussion. Presenters may be faculty, staff, or graduate students at an accredited institution anywhere in the world, although priority will be given to those with a connection to Switzerland.